Man in Black || myg
By minXXshuga
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❝I want you so bad it hurts, and if it weren't for this damn assignment, I'd have you up against this wall, and I would make you mine.❞ Park Soomi. She found herself caught in the middle of a criminal's revenge plot against her father, but what was more terrifying, the death threats, or cryptic nightmares? Min Yoongi. It was just a job to protect her from physical harm, yet somewhere along the line, he wanted to protect her heart too. But maybe falling in love was the most dangerous part of it all. -- DISCLAIMER: This book will contain some violence, foul language, and sexual content (nothing explicit). UPDATES: Every Friday (PST) ♡1k reads: 08.13.20♡ ➵1st Place: Your Eyes Tell Awards || Man in Black || a min yoongi fanfic || Started: 07.03.20 Participant in Kitty's BTS Fanfiction Awards! 😻


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Man in Bl...
by minXXshuga