Only Human
By meeblings24
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"Do I make you nervous, Sweetheart?" He spoke lowly. "Psh, no! I just-" I gasped when his tongue flicked out and touched my neck. My hands flew up to clutch at his shirt, fingers tightening in an attempt to hold myself up. It was as if my knees turned to jelly. "Maybe it's bad. And maybe I shouldn't, but I love that. I love the way you react to my touch. I love the way you pretend you aren't turned on. I love that I make you nervous." Oh my. His husky voice was doing a number on my already frazzled nerves. I was putty in his hands, rendered completely useless without him. "It's okay, Sweetheart. You make me nervous too." ----------------- Viola Evans is just an ordinary 19-year-old girl. She moved away from her hometown in Indiana to attend college in Utah. She refuses to take out student loans so instead, she is overworking herself, barely eating, and living in a crummy apartment just to scrape by since her Mom and Step-Father were unsupportive of her pursuing a career in Special Education. Her school year gets a whole lot more interesting when a handsome stranger suddenly starts appearing everywhere she is, laying claim to her in ways that has her questioning whether he is human or not. Join her in her adventure where she loves fully, grows exponentially, and shares her light with the world.


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Only Human
by meeblings24