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#1 mystery in the Rising Gem Awards #2 mystery in the Hidden Gem Awards #3 mystery in the Rising Author Awards "I need you, Robyn." He whispered, eyes pleading with hers, showing his latent emotions. So he is human, she thought, her heart sinking slightly with sympathy. "Why?" "You-you are my wings. I find myself pulled back to reality in your presence. You keep me...humbled. Please." He begged, hands holding her wrist loosely. She stared at his long pale fingers latched onto her tanned skin and she felt her body sagging with defeat at his pleading stare and handsome features. "If this is you humbled, I'd hate to see you unrestricted. And that would have been nearly romantic, had I not known you to be the infuriating, self-righteous Casanova you are. I'm sure I'll regret this later, but...okay." She whispered, turning back toward him. "I'll help you." The unbelievably sexy and narcissistic FBI Agent Quinn Jones is a veteran investigator when it comes to the strange and occult, but he prefers his assignments to be out of the ordinary. Several deaths on a quiet beach and one grisly murder out to sea don't seem related, but when they start to hit too close to home he will have to rely on the beautiful brains of Doctor Robyn Bourke, a sassy marine biologist, to make heads or tails of the fishy situation. Their two strong personalities collide as the mystery deepens, and it becomes apparent that there are forces beyond their wildest imagination at work. Can they stand each other long enough to solve the case, or will Mother Nature get the best of them?

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