Alice In The Wonder...
By whathaveidoneo_O
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"My, my, Alice. I was not expecting you so soon," the man with snow white hair says to me. "Me?" I ask, pointing to myself. The mysterious man answers with a nod. "But my name isn't Alice. I'm (y/n)," he doesn't seem to acknowledge my statement when he responds. "Alice, you have a tea party with The Mad Hatter in ten seconds. If we start the journey now, we will arrive early by fifteen seconds," I'm about to slam my head against a tree while as I try to wrap my head around the logic here in Wonderland. ••• You wander the night after a breakup with the boyfriend you have dated for four year just to find out about his love affair. Stumbling upon a mysterious park you have never seen before, you find a man with white hair, dressed elegantly in black, running in circles while continuously checking the big watch wrapped around his left wrist. After circling for quite a while, he steps into the center of the circle he has invisibly made and fades into thin air. You, deciding to step inside that circle becomes the questionably best decision you have made in your whole life. ••• Meet the gang of Wonderland: Kim Namjoon as the White Rabbit Kim Seokjin as the Queen of Hearts Min Yoongi as the Cheshire Cat Jung Hoseok as the Mad Hatter Park Jimin as Tweedledee Kim Taehyung as Tweedledum Jeon Jungkook at the Caterpillar You as You/Alice? ••• Grammatical and spelling corrections are highly appreciated.


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Alice In...
by whathaveidoneo_O