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J.Jk FF "You can be INTERESTED in someone but, just interested, nothing more than that" Sequel To Noona?...I'm Ready *Read if you want* SPOILER ALERT ???: Let's Break up You: why? ???: i-it's just that i don't like you the way i did before. You: did i do something wrong? ???: you didn't do anything i just lost love for you, i'm sorry can we still be friends. You: sure.. ' you said and slapped him' ???: i knew it, when did you find out? You: when our relationship started being toxic. ???: so you knew i was cheating on you. But can we still be friends? You: You asshole 'you said as you slapped him and run to you right side path way, while jungkook went to the left' You: w-w-why? 'You said as you were holding you tears and entering your hotel room. Once you closed the door your tears went down like a water fall. Your hands were in your hair, messing it up. You kept on crying nonstop. You slowly walked to your bed and throw yourself in it, you took a pillow and started crying and screaming in it... until you feel a sleep. Jungkook POV Yes, i was cheating on her but i had a reason to do so. 'He said while walking back to his hotel room, with tears slowly falling down his cheeks. He threw himself to his bed and started crying' Jungkook: i am only Interested in her but i always have this werid feeling in me, when ever i am with her my heart just can't stop beating. Aishhhh jungkook you are only interested in her, you will never love her. 'I said as i fell a sleep' Present time: Your POV Don't worry that was in the past. 'You wrote on your notebook' I always remember him, thinking about that horrible moment. And still cry till this day... i still love him, but does he love me back? ' you wrote as tears streamed down you cheeks'

Hello Again!!!

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