OutLaw ( Spider-Man...
By thelazyalien_PM
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( Sequel To Subject E305 ) Ruby Maria Stark sat in the passenger's seat as Tony Stark drove the car. It had been about half an hour since Tony woke her up from the sofa in Peter Parker's hotel room. As the silence stretched between them, Ruby thought if it was a good idea to keep her high tech glasses with Peter and if her whole life would be like this. Running away. Always... As she looked out the window and stared at the blue and clear sky she realized how different she felt. A few weeks ago she would only dream of having a father.... a family. Now she has one... but unfortunately it was a broken one. It was so broken that it didn't feel like a family at all. It was scarred, damaged, and disfigured in all the wrong places. But now it didn't matter. Now she had to hide from the world. Now she had to run away from the family she thought she finally found. The family she thought she belonged to. Disclaimer: I don't Marvel or the plot. i just own my character: Ruby.

Chapter 1: The Gift

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OutLaw (...
by thelazyalien_PM