Dragon Rider in the...
By ModernWaterRider
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Valerie Jackson has lived fifteen years being completely ordinary. And she is perfectly fine with that. Some people live the adventures and others read them. Valerie was perfectly happy being an innocent bystander, until the tables turn and she finds herself in the possession of a dragon egg. Suddenly thrown into an adventure story she never expected, Valerie scrambles to keep her new secret and somehow balance the daily struggles of being a teenager. But, life never goes exactly as planned, especially when you're a modern day Dragon Rider. I would like to thank @frojhonson and @Beautifully-mixed for their help with reviewing this book, and giving me edit suggestions and helping me with the blurb of this book. I also want to thank @FantasybkLover for the constant encouragement for this, and keeping me accountable with updates. Started: Jul 18, 2018 Finished (1st draft): Mar 30,2019

The egg

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Dragon Ri...
by ModernWaterRider