The Tears of Spring...
By 1person7_6
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Kaorin Miyazono is the ever-exuberant pianist who facades a narcissist. He has a weird sense of humor, is an optimist, and has a profound interest in the famous violinist known worldwide, Kozakura Arima. Behind all the zest and enthusiasm, lies something that only his parents know besides him, something that will prevent him from living too long. On the other hand, Kozakura Arima is an introverted nerd who, used to be just as extroverted as Kaorin. She valued friends and family with all her life. Until one day, all that Kozakura loved fell apart and left her. With her "life" gone, there was nothing else to live for; the violin only reminded her of her friends, her own thumping heart reminded her of the permanent silence of her parents' heartbeats. When walking into the gates of Kozakura's new high school, she collides into a boy carrying a huge navy folder and scatters his music everywhere. Apologies fly up into the sky and the story of the two musicians starts.

Ch 1. Earthquake

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The Tears...
by 1person7_6