Dominating the Bull...
By WingedKelpie
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This is BOOK 1 of the Domination saga! Jaxon Hughes is a terrifying enigma at only seventeen years of age. He's secretive about his past, but open about certain areas. His family is odd. His parents are rarely around, and his older siblings work hard to bring food to the table, and his younger siblings obey Jaxon's every word. Jaxon himself has to work ten times harder than any normal teen to take care of both his younger and older siblings, keep up with schoolwork, and maintain the health of their home. He can fight well, and is trained in other areas of his mind and body to protect his family. As he goes into a new school, he's seen as a nerd and is targeted by the two most well-known bullies. Because of his background, Jaxon doesn't back down, which attracts the two to him in very different ways. And because of who Jaxon is, he attracts various people he meets and brings them together into a cohesive polyamorous relationship. He doesn't love everyone he meets, but for those he does love, he is fiercely protective and possessive. He's wiling to do anything and everything to keep them safe. But, sometimes, things don't work out the way people want them to. And for Jaxon, this comes to a disastrous realization when the world dominates him and brings him to his knees in silent victory. _______ Includes: Very mature scenes Smut Language Violence Sadism and Masochism (S&M) Switch Play Pet Play (Very light) Mystery Family love (It's incest, since people can't seem to comprehend what this means before they read it. Note posted: 2/16/2019) And much more, since this is not your typical teen fiction romance. There will be multiple lovers and you're free to ship Jaxon with whomever you want.

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