Be Good, Mr. Bad Boy
By FunkyFaith22
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Annabeth Chase is the girly girl at Goode High School, with perfect grades, acrylic nails, and popularity. Everyone thinks she's the perfect little girl with the innocence of a toddler. Percy Jackson is the bad boy at Goode, with messy hair, a dare devil smile, and sass to outlive even the meanest mean girl. Everyone thinks he's the heartbreaker with no chance of falling in love. Apart, they live total opposite lives... Together, they've never been happier. *** "Percy's pretty hot, right, Ann?" Drew said with a dopey smile as Percy Jackson entered the high school cafeteria. "Stop drooling, Drae. He's taken." Annabeth ate some of her French fries. "No, he's not." Drew scoffed, rolling her eyes at Annabeth's nick name for her. "O.M.G! He's coming over here!" Annabeth looked up as Percy approached. Drew, who was sat right beside Annabeth, fanned her face, looking out of breath. Percy's sea green eyes were focused on Annabeth, though. He smiled that trouble maker smile that took her breath away and sat next to her, putting his arm around her shoulders. Silence. Absolute Silence.

Detention Centers

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Be Good...
by FunkyFaith22