Breaking Boundaries...
By Mikayla_Q
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Lola Carter. Former bad girl gone good. Serpent royalty. Best friend of Jughead Jones. When her father sees her being dragged too deep into the snake infested waters, he decides it's time to pull her out. She's been a snake lying low in the tall grass at Riverdale High for years. It's been so long that she doesn't know if she could ever come out of hibernation. However, when her best friend gets transferred to Southside High, she is adamant he won't be alone. She knows her best chance of survival is to stay with the serpents, but will she gets dragged back in? Will one boy with a piercing glare be able to tame her wild side? Or will she get caught in the crossfire of the Southside War? #1 in jordanconnor 13/10/18 #1 in riverdalefanfiction 15/11/18 #1 in riverdale 22/11/18


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by Mikayla_Q