The Buried Secret o...
By Niranju98
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⚡️BOOK 2 OF THE 'TREMENDOUS 10 CHRONICLES '⚡️ Life had changed so much for the students at the Elite academy. With the threat of the culprits still hanging in the air of Illusia, the Tremendous Ten continued on with their mission. Two shocking discoveries threaten to shatter the friendship that they share. They get involved in a life or death mission, which endangers the life of each other. Old allies and new rivals emerge to increase the challenge of their already deadly mission. Wearing the wings of hope, they travel to uncover the long kept secret. The Sarkon's Gem had only just been the beginning of the greater destruction. Will the Tremendous Ten survive the attacks that are about to follow? Are they ready to make the sacrifices needed to protect Illusia? Will Sarkon really come back?

Tremendous Ten and the Buried Secret of Fairyloom

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The Burie...
by Niranju98