Bikers and Love: Ch...
By DevilsMischief
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This story is about Y/n Lilith Winston, the bastard daughter of Clay Morrow and Gemma Teller, who was adopted by Piney Winston, Her life is far from easy, but worth it to be near her brother who has no knowledge of their shared blood. She fought to get a patch on her back despite the rules and her father, but with Tig, Piney, Opie, Jax and the rest of the guys behind her she made it and she would continue to fight for her club and her family, no matter the price she had to pay-even if it meant her life. Read to see how her life is when she has to deal with the club, her parents, and a man with an accent and a couple of scars. No copyright intended, I don't own anything besides my own characters Some edits mine, most images/edits are not mine. Gifs not mine. Music not mine. Rated M for mature: language, violence and other things. Also rated ET: For Emotional Trauma


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Bikers an...
by DevilsMischief