His Stubborn Beauty...
By GlamoursMe
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(UFW sequel#1) (Unwanted series#2) Sania, a girl who hated men, a girl who lived in village, a girl who was abused by her father, a girl who was very stubborn, a girl who can do everything to give all the women of her village their rights. Zain, a rich man, CEO of his father company which was now touching sky because of his efforts, a boy loved by all the girls, a boy who cared about his family only, a boy who can do anything for his family. What will happen when they both tied into a knot of marriage for a mistake which they never did? Will Sania ever fall in love with Zain? Or will Zain fall in love with Sania? A little warning, this book contains few of the dark senses.

||Cast & Prologue||

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His Stubb...
by GlamoursMe