The Dominant and th...
By melodiyuh
  • Romance
  • bdsm
  • dominant
  • dominantandsubmissive
  • erotic
  • erotica
  • hot
  • jazzlived
  • matured
  • maturethemes
  • rated18
  • sexual
  • submissive


After the accident of Elizabeth Cruz Jewels' father, Mr. Jewels was bedridden in the hospital, comatose for ages. Marcel, Elizabeth's mother, she recieved a money from a shark loan Mr. James. The money was used for the maintenance of her husband. Unable to pay the money she owe which grew tripple bigger, Mr. James barge into Jewels residence and took Ellie as a payment. The old man runs multiple illegal business including human trafficking where he buy women and sell them for a bigger price. Alexander Carson Thansley, a foreign businessman residing in the country is one of Mr. James' clientele. He buy woman in reasonable price, make them his submissive for six months and abandoned all of 'em afterwards. His current contract with his submissive expires and he's on the search for another one. When Alexander saw Ellie on Mr. James' quarter, covered in sweat and rag clothes, he knew who's next. Alexander bought Ellie to make her his new submissive.

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The Domin...
by melodiyuh