Origami Heart (Book...
By kario12
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(COMPLETE) After dropping out of college to join the military, Mike wasn't heard from again. Now, six years later, he's sauntering back into town with new hair, a new physique, and... a new personality? He's definitely not the man Lindsey remembers him to be. He's suffering from extensive post-traumatic stress disorder, which only triggers her need to protect him from the demons terrorizing his own mind. But as Mike's depression flares, Lindsey is forced to find comfort in an old friend as her own dirty secrets start slipping into the open. When anonymous love-letters start popping up just after Mike's arrival, a sliver of hope blooms to life. But as much as she'd like to believe that Mike's behind them, she can't bring herself to believe that the broken, hostile man she's come to know again could be capable of such fragile words. And as time passes and she grows closer to a certain 'best friend', Lindsey starts to doubt if Mike is really what's best for her. Is this wounded soldier softer than he appears or is there another man in town who's ready to cherish Lindsey's heart the way she deserves?

Hey Reader, I know what you're thinking.

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Origami H...
by kario12