Exactly How Many Ar...
By zkyvn_
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(Being Rewritten, while simultaneously updated) Alex Branson is a growing woman focused on one thing. Her goal: but can a few mishaps here, and there, and a potential mate(s) make her lose focus? I mean it's only the beginning of her Junior year in highschool, and her first day in a new state. I mean, how bad can it get? Well, let's find out together! "Exactly, How Many Are too much?" "I don't know...you decide." He grumbles, clearly annoyed. "Well...one is never enough," I say turning on my heels, looking him up, and up down: fluttering my eyes flirtatiously. As I make a run for the exit. "Clearly" He says, as he bites his lip, and chases me after me. Throwing the cash on the-..........Read to find out more. Uh, hey I'm back...I'm the creator of Mate or Bate, and I like too think that was somewhat of a success...so yeah...this is hopefully better... Highest Ranking: #242 - Werewolf! As of July 20, 2018! Thank you so much!!!!!! Highest Ranking: #91 - Superpowers! As of August 19, 2018! Omg! Thank you so much!! Jddujdxhxejs! Highest Ranking: #8 - Goodstory! As of August 27, 2018! Thanks A lot! 🙏 Highest Ranking: #66 - SheWolf! AND #51 - Siblingrivalry As of June 19, 2019! Thanks!!!! Highest Ranking: #1 - Girlsperspective As of November 7, 2019! Bet it up! I'm writing this for you! Also, thank you for checking out my Imagination; and what goes on inside it. Not to mention for checking out my book, and if you didn't really like it, or it doesn't suit your taste I'm glad you stopped by, and supported! hope you find something better to read! Published: July 15, 2018

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Exactly H...
by zkyvn_