His Trans Boy [BxB]...
By AnxiousCoffeeBoy
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[SHORT STORY] [FAST PACE] Hunter is a Trans boy. His family life isn't the best, with having to deal with a Transphobic father and a homophobic mother, he is abused both mentally and physically. But he also has to deal with bullies at school, the hurtful comments from once friends and the constant fighting for his rights to go into the boys bathroom and much more. Alex is the schools rich bad boy. He doesn't care for going to school or much of what anybody thinks, and he can get whatever he wants with looks or money. No one has ever questioned who he sleeps with, no one cared because, well, he's him. Alex doesn't notice Hunter because he doesn't like to attend school, Hunter doesn't notice Alex, they don't know the other exist. What happens when Hunter accidentally bumps into Alex at his job? Will Alex treat him the same as everyone like he expects or will he try to, in his own way, help?

First Day Of Hell

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His Trans...
by AnxiousCoffeeBoy