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Five teens. Kidnapped. To live out their worst fears. *** When five teenagers are abducted outside of the local nightclub, it sends shockwaves through the small town of Redstone. How were they taken? Where are they being kept? And most importantly, why? The answer is as simple as it is horrifying. The creator of a new serum called Phobia needs test subjects. And if she can't get volunteers, she will just take them by force. Detectives Jon Cartwright and Isaiah Matthews willingly take the case. But they soon realise they are in over their heads. With the parents desperate to find their children and an evil genius who's always one step ahead, the race against time becomes crucial. Trapped in a room and injected with the serum, the teenagers begin to lose their grip on reality and are unable to tell fact from fiction. Minutes turn to hours. Panic descends into paranoia. Bonds will be tested and broken. And their worst fears will come to life. #118 in horror as at 25.11.19 #14 in terror as at 25.11.19 #4 in horrorfiction as at 25.11.19 Now featured on @mystery, @fright and @newlywrittenbooks under In Cold Blood, Psychological Thrillers and Crime Stories and Looking for clues

Phobia - Sneak Peek and Cast

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