Adopted Parents
By whocaresaj
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"would two stubborn neighbors be able to work togther and raise a child?" Park Chaeyoung, a well composed and independent manager of an internationally known model Jennie Kim, lived almost her entire life on her own without anyone to rely on but herself. She had fallen a lot of times but she learned to pick herself back up and continue chasing after her goals and make the woman she is today. Jeon Jungkook her next door neighbour was quiet a contrast, he was as laid-back and carefree to the point where he barely leaves his own apartment to work, instead chasing after his dream to produce music at home. Lucky for him fate decided to bless him with amazing taste in music and has earned quite a name in the industry as the song producer for famous idol Jongin Kim. For two busy and opposite people such as these two, is it possible for them to work together to raise a child, despite their immerse stubbornness and little misunderstandings? Could they manage their busy schedules to make time for the little one? Is it possible for love to bloom? Will they succeed? Or will these adopted parents fail in the end? a rosekook fanfiction. © WhoCaresAj 2019 Disclaimer: I neither own the characters nor the places in this book. All I take credit for are their qualities, traits, and the plot itself. Therefore any similarities and connections my story might have with others is purely coincidental or pure inspiration. Let us respect each others creations and learn to value them as individuals themselves.

"Adopted Parents."

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Adopted P...
by whocaresaj