King Ace (book 1 an...
By noorbayan
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"Don't talk to me, Witch." The king snapped. "But I wasn't-." He cut me off. "I get sick of your face, get away from me before I do something to you." He said while sitting arrogantly on his chair. I had tears in my eyes. "But I save-." He cut me of again. "You saved nothing!" I tensed. His voice was loud and full of disgust. I had tears streaming down my face. "If you weren't involved this, this would've never happened!" He yelled angrily. His eyes screamed in fuming rage. I took a couple steps back. Is he going to continue to blame me for this? Because it was getting to much. "But Ace-." I tried again with a shaky voice,but he cut me of. "It's only king or majesty for you. Never speak my name out of your disgusting mouth!" This is not a cliche book., where the characters fall in love immediately. It's a book full of confused emotions. You guys will be ahead about what's happening and that makes it more fun. But I warn you. This book is full of roller coaster emotions and at some points you will hate the characters. But hey, that's the fun about writing ❤️ Book 1 and 2 ❤️

1 The Invite.

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King Ace...
by noorbayan