Iron Heart And Book...
By EtherealMagicQueen
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(ON HIATUS UNTIL 30 NOVEMBER 2019) Levy McGarden is a woman who works as a librarian in the city of Fiore, she dreams to be an author. She lives in an apartment with her two childhood best friends, Jet and Droy, she has a good life, she has Jet and Droy, and her other friends. Until one day, a man named Gajeel Redfox moves into the apartment next to her, something about him just intrigues her, they go to the same cafe every morning, but every time she tries to talk to him, he pushes her away though, and she doesn't know why. One day when she is walking on the streets, she is being attacked, Gajeel saves her and he takes care of her, she asks him why he pushed her away, he admits that he wanted to talk to her, but he was afraid that he wouldn't make a good impression on her. They start to become closer, they learn new things from each other and they learn more about each other as their bond becomes stronger, but soon their friendship may start to become more.

Chapter One

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Iron Hear...
by EtherealMagicQueen