Needing Grace
By LJMay03
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Grace Griffin Roman Parker They are nothing alike. Grace is a socialite, always invited to the latest parties, always making an appearance somewhere. Always splashed in every monthly gossip magazine. Roman is a workaholic. He doesn't like social gatherings. He doesn't like the party scenes. He doesn't like other people knowing his business. Roman Empire. A business Roman's father had built from the ground when Roman was a tot. It was his legacy to carry on the business and the name. Grace's father had made a bad investment as lead manager of Roman's financial team, losing millions of dollars. A deal of the century was made, helping Grace's father with his debt. But it was all a charade. Now Grace is stuck in the middle of it. How will she cope, knowing her life is already over after it just begun? How will she handle Roman and his stubborn ways? How will Roman deal with such an eccentric person in his house? Will they survive each other?


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