Reincarnated as an...
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Reiki Ishida is someone who has endured so much throughout his life, with his parents dying, his girlish looks, bullying, and an impossible love for his classmate Sakura Kaneshiro. Everything seems routinary when the class is summoned to another world only to meet a beautiful angel, who immediately falls for Reiki's bully, Seiichi Akiyama. Unknown to him, the beautiful angel would give Reiki's share of powers and stats to Seiichi. This is the story of Reiki, a shunned, affinity-less, skill-less hero who will find his life turned upside down when his dark feelings contained throughout his life bring out the most menacing weapon that not even God can wield. *Ding* [Conditions met, Do you pledge your SOUL to Boukyaku?] Only to die immediately after at the hands of his bully. Who knew he would then meet God himself, mistaking him for a girl, and being reincarnated into this new world once more without any new powers or stats. Except his, now her, new weapon... Boukyaku. What will she do with her new Power? Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images used Cover by the amazing @Creaking_Shadow


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