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By wildlife27
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-Highest Ranking #3 in Nightmares- "Stop lying to me." Asher said, his eyes looking furious as he hit the wall beside my head. "I'm not lying." I defended pathetically, looking straight into his dull eyes. "Yes you are. Everything you say are lies!" He yells punching the wall again making me flinch. "Enlighten me! What did I lie about!? Huh?" I asks, my anger raising by the seconds. "Saying that you're fine when you're not. Saying that you sleep when you don't. Saying that nothing bothers you, but in reality you can't breath." His heavy breathe fans my face as I held in my tears. My heart beats rapidly against my chest. "Aren't you tired of lying? Aren't you tired of pretending!? Tell me!?" He yells, his veins in his neck popping out with each words he says. As he begins shaking my shoulders like he's trying to pull me back to reality. Behind my smile was a breaking heart. Behind my laugh I'm falling apart, behind my my eyes are tears at night. No one has ever notice but him. Only him. _______________________________________ They thought their pain was permanent, every ounce of fear and doubt drowned them in a deep pit. They tried to climb out of it, but they couldn't. They were too stubborn to actually acknowledge they needed each other. Their love was like two opposite magnets trying to click. What do you think happens when a mafia attacks an illegal underground fight? Asher, the mysterious heartless man helps Ava...?


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by wildlife27