Perfectly Flawed
By paintmecolourless
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Meet Dmitri Stefanovich Kaverin, a man with a no nonsense attitude and looks to die for. Always one to face his problems head on, Dmitri is quick to find a solution to his dilemma when his mother threatens to give away all he has worked so hard to achieve. The answer to his problems comes in the form of a certain violet eyed beauty named Trinity Johnson. Meet Trinity Johnson, a girl who lived in the moment and for the moment, without a care in the world. With a heart too pure for her own good and an uncanny knack for helping others in need, she is quick to jump in to help a hot as hell complete stranger without any ulterior motives whatsoever. Join Dmitri and Trinity in their journey as work together wherein Dmitri finally learns what being in love means while Trinity learns what being truly loved by a person entails. Watch as they both discover strengths they didn't know they possessed and weaknesses they never thought they had. *** New update every friday.

Chapter- 1

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by paintmecolourless