Of Caverns and Cast...
By avadel
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One run-away prince, two die-hard scientists, magic that may-or-may-not be real, and a land that wasn't supposed to exist. Welcome to Avadel. * * * Leavi Riveirre, a sixteen-year-old scientist in the underground city Karsix, knows that wizards, princes, kingdoms, and epic battles are only found in storybooks. Her reality is the relentless plague unleashing death and darkness in the city. Determined to survive, she leaves everything she's ever known and discovers a world she never knew existed. Sean Rahkifellar dedicates his life to alkemi, studying how the cogs of the universe click together. His plans are destroyed, though, when the plague breaks out, tearing him away from his life's work and throwing him headlong into the unknown. Aster Jacques, half a continent away, is the next commander of all magicians in his kingdom, but spells his future subordinates long since mastered hover just outside his reach. Desperate to be the caster his country needs, he's willing to do whatever it takes - even abandon the kingdom. As the three struggle to comprehend each other's worlds, they must work together if they want to overcome the deadly twists thrust their way. *~AWARDS~* 1st Overall - Wand Awards - The Monthly Gemstone Awards - LIGHTNING ROUNDS 1st in Fantasy - Piggyback Summer 2019 Awards - Writers' Choice Awards 2019 - The Black Cat Awards 2019 - Winter Rose Awards 2019 - The Life Elements Award - The Privus Awards 2020 - The Holiday Awards - ILoveAwards - ECAwards 1st in Action/Adventure - Black and Gold Leaf Awards 2019 - World of Champions Awards 2 - The Sass Awards 2019 1st in Adventure - Fallen Angel 2018 Awards - The Midnight Awards 1st in Grammar/Spelling - Bedtime Stories Awards Summer 2019 1st in Action - The Flavored Awards 2019 *~CREDIT~* Much thanks to @lionobsession, @katianaelyse, @DeltaTangoEthan, @IWJKeller, and @WriterKellie for editing. Beautiful gif banners made by @Lazybrew


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Of Cavern...
by avadel