How to kill a Vampi...
By MichelleManisha
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Bullets, check! Grenades, check! Sexy vampire Prince, err... not check! When a top notch assassin and her hacker best friend stumbles upon a world full of vampires, they seem to entangle themselves in certain affairs. Affairs that involves generals, knights, wars and Princes! Things turns challenging for Biella when she goes to find her friend who has gotten himself separated from her, and she captures a stranger, who is not quite pleased with her especially, when it comes to a human abducting a vampire. Or more precisely, an ordinary- extraordinary assassin abducting a tyrant Prince. •••••••• Currently it's in its third phase. Meaning, I am rewriting the story. The chapters which have titles are newly written chapters. And the chapters which don't have any titles those are old ones. •••••••• Warning: Vampire Profanities, strong languages, violence and blood DO NOT STEAL THE STORY OR THE IDEA Plagiarism is an act of cowardice. Be inspired and write from your heart. This story is entirely my imagination and I don't own any of the arts that are used in this story. This story is not for harming anyone dead or alive and any person's feelings. Any incidents that are occurred here entirely my imagination. In case you have found slight similarities it was entirely co incidental. ____________ Important Milestones: ||>Story started: 13th July, 18 || >2nd Draft started: 15th Feb, 2020 || > 2nd Draft Ended: 8th May, 2020 || > 3rd Draft started: 11th July, 2020 || > 3rd Draft Ended: Ongoing Word counts-- 2nd draft: 73,970 words upto Epilogue Third Draft: 32,786 words upto chapter 5 ||..COMPLETED..|| Text copyright © Hatuka Tachibana™2018

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How to ki...
by MichelleManisha