Companion (A Skyrim...
By AudaciousAuthoress
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Toralf 'the Fearless' comes off as the typical brand of moron with an ego twice his size. He grossly exaggerates his accomplishments and can scarce resist the opportunity to chime in with a crass remark or innuendo during a serious conversation. He's loud, obnoxious, self-assured, and at times insufferably dense. So why would an individual so seemingly attached to his asshole-ry seek to join the Companions, a faction with a reputation for honorable conduct and stewardship? Though he seems ill-suited to be one of Ysgramor's fabled fighters, there is more to Toralf than the unlikable persona he so readily displays. Not only is he a capable fighter, but has an almost fatalistic loyalty to those he fights beside. Plagued by a storied and not quite dead past, he seeks to forge a new identity for himself in the halls of Jorrvaskr, to make something of his life about which he can finally be proud. In time, he could become someone more than worthy of membership. Will this young hero-in-the-making find a way to overcome his past poor life choices and rise to his full potential, or will his pride be his downfall? Can he keep his attitude in check long enough for the Companions to give him a fighting chance? [Part of the "Mageverse" - I'd recommend reading Mage (A Skyrim Fanfic) before this for best experience!]


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by AudaciousAuthoress