Defenders of Earth...
By FatalBlow
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The Defenders of Earth stood for peace in the world, working for the Society as guardians of the downtrodden. Twelves superhumans, each with their own unique powers, all trained by the best that the world had to offer. Initially, the Defenders Initiative was a roaring success. A second generation was made, a matching set of twelve powers, stronger than their predecessors, the perfect soldiers. But the Society was shut down before the Beta Generation could be realized. The Defenders disbanded, the children were scattered, forced into normal families with no hope of controlling the superpowered youth as they aged. Years after, former leader of the Defenders of Earth, Fergus Demir, is called by the Society's founder to pull the team back together and gather the scattered Beta Generation. It's a race against time, though, as one of his former teammates, Kane, joins forces with an opposing corporation who wants the kids for themselves. Defenders of Earth is an action oriented scifi-fantasy story with themes of found family that explores what it's like to be born with different powers and how that affects an individual, and specifically how these powers can affect two people with the same abilities. It features a diverse (and burgeoning) cast of characters from all walks of life and lots of pretty pictures to go with it, as each page has an illustration to go with it (meaning multiple illustrations per chapter). Warnings: self-harm, violence, abuse Updates are slow as I can only draw so fast. If you want to stay caught up, consider following the blog on Tumblr @defendersofearth, where I update every Monday and Thursday.


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