His Past, Her Futur...
By nasvanally
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Ava Carter, the woman you will suspect has it all, from money to looks. But they always say don't judge a book by its cover! Ava has a past, she was known as the bad ass or you can say Bad Girl in high school but wait! She doesn't remember. After a horrible accident that left her with a psychological problem and both her parents dead, she decided to move away and start her life all over again UNTIL she meets Leonardo James. Leonardo James, 25 year old bachelor, took over his father's business 3 years back and made it a success. His arrogant, rude and selfish even to his little angel, who craves her father's attention. But his little angel is unknown to the world. Ava Carter and Leonardo James! A No No!

Chapter 1

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His Past...
by nasvanally