I Am Not A Nerd |✅
By ceciloray
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"You kiss so good nerd how about we make a deal?" He asked with his usual dirty smirk "For the last time I am not a- ugh forget it you won't listen anyway, what deal?" "Go out with me, date me for a month and if you can make me fall for you which no girl has ever done I'll agree you're not a nerd and stop calling you nerd" "And if I can't?" I asked with curiosity, looking down at his lips "I'll call you nerd forever and so will the others. So is it a deal or not?" Then I paused to think about it and 5 seconds later I came to a conclusion and my mouth curved into a smirk "Deal" "So how about we continue from where we stopped?" I asked and he smiled devilishly realizing what I meant and pulled me closer to him with his hand wrapped around my waist and I took that as a sign of approval slammed my lips on his. I will prove to this jerk that I am not a nerd, not all girls who wear glasses, get good grades and goes to school wearing hoodies are nerds, we have our own crazy side and I'm about to show him that side.

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I Am Not...
by ceciloray