Promises are meant...
By spidey150521
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Peter Benjamin parker. A 15 year old orphan where the boss is abusive and volunteers are idiotic flirts, but he also is The hero of queens: spiderman. no one has any information about the wallcrawler. identity: unknown. age: unknown. everything is unknown about him except that he's a skilled hero. Fury takes interest in the webslinger and wants him to join the avengers. spidey says no, but he won't take no for an answer. the stubborn commander forces the avengers to look for him also sending the merc with a mouth on the case. they under estimate him. meanwhile Steve and Tony are looking forward to adopt a boy. ships will be shown in tabs and in the first update, including important information about characters and the story. warning: Abuse, mentions of sexual content, homophobic insults, gay stuff, bloody kinda, suicide, self harm, and curses. And I don't own marvel or the characters.

information ( not a chapter)

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by spidey150521