Hades: His Jewel...
By presleysangel
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Hades, Greek god of the Underworld, finds himself in the mortal world. Zeus has decided he's bored and has dragged Hades, along with a few of the other gods, into his version of role play. What are the gods playing you ask? They're playing at being a Motorcycle Club called 'The Iron Chariots'! Irina Cahill is just a mortal girl making a living as a cook and waitress in a small restaurant. Hades, or 'Doom' as he's known to her, is a man she just can't seem to resist. Will he admit to his godly status, or will she be heart broken when the game is over? *1st book in my Greek God Series* This story won't be going by Greek Mythology, it will just be a modern-day love story for Hades.

Chapter 1

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Hades: H...
by presleysangel