His Flower (Rewritt...
By Daydream1011
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Copyrighted 2018 **This is the rewritten version of His Flower. I hope you enjoy!** There was only one word to describe my life: Hell. It was all I had ever known, the only thing I was used to. I didn't want it any other way. Why the fuck couldn't she see that? -&- Having a normal childhood was completely foreign to the two polar opposites Rosalyn Summers and Rex Turner. Both grew up in the closest thing they knew to Hell, each with terrible problems of their own. Perhaps, that is why they were so drawn to each other. Rose might have been that typical shy, quiet girl roaming the school's halls, no friends to speak of and no genuine interest in learning, but even she couldn't deny that attraction towards the school's resident 'bad boy'. The one no one else dared speak to. Rex's anger issues always got the best of him, even when that idiot girl came tumbling into his life. She just wouldn't leave him the fuck alone. No matter how much he liked it. He could convince himself he wasn't good for her as much as he wanted. It didn't matter, she wouldn't let him be and he would soon refuse to let her go. Completely oblivious to her own darkness raging beneath the surface. *WARNING: This story has quite a few very possessive and controlling men. If that kind of thing isn't for you, this book definitely won't be.** There is also talk of anxiety, panic attacks, and some drug-use mentions. ALSO this story will have a LOT of chapters! It's filled with triggers (mentioned above), but also a bunch of cute scenes, fluff moments, adoring toe-curling moments, and a plot you won't see coming!


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His Flowe...
by Daydream1011