His Secret Writer
By Miss_SJ7018
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"Why the fuck are you holding me now?" "Aiden. Aiden Garcia" "What?" "My name" "I never asked, now let me go" She said while trying to free from me. "Although I want to know your name, I will respect your privacy but I promise this is not our last encounter Amor(love)." I said, let going of her. And I will make sure of it. "Whatever" She said and went away. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rose Krishna Peterson: A 23-year-old girl who is running from her past. She loves to write novels and is a successful writer but goes with the name Miss_Soulwriter. No one knows who is she or how she looks. Although she wants to reveal her identity, she can't. Aiden Gabriel Garcia: A 25-year-old businessman. No, he is not rude or arrogant until it's necessary. He is really handsome and no women have ever escaped from his charm. But what happens when he traps in the charm of a woman even without her trying! One Encounter and everything is going to change for both of them, Especially for Rose as Aiden is determined to know her identity, but will be he able to? Read the journey of Rose and Aiden which is full of mysteries, love, heartbreaks, drama, and much more. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This book is not fan fiction for any actor. But please give it a chance, I guarantee, you will not regret it :). The amazing cover is by @ItsMeDreamerGurl


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His Secre...
by Miss_SJ7018