Sweet Spot (New Beg...
By CelesteABrook
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After having her heart broken by the same man for the second time and almost losing her friendship with her best friend Alexia, Lisa feels she needs to reevaluate life. When nothing else makes sense, and she feels her self esteem equals zero, she knows nights of tequila shots and sweet pastries need to be over. Tired and a little depressed, she can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, until Alexia suggests she stops feeling sorry for herself, grabs life with both hands and starts being responsible for her own happiness. But it's not until Lucas, Alexia's significant other, says she is the best baker he's ever known that a seed of hope is planted in her mind. Fast forward three years, and she is the happy and proud owner of Sweet Spot. With the help of Alexia's mom, the best baker she's ever met, she got the loan she needed to buy an old coffee shop and turn it into a profitable bakery. Now, meeting Thomas was not in her plans. Her heart is just not ready for her to take that leap of faith once again. Especially right after hearing the news the man she's always loved is getting engaged. But how can she resist when this guy she's just met seems to be everything she's always wanted? **NOTE: This book 2 in the 'New Beginnings Series'. It can be read as a standalone, but it's recommended to read 'More Than Friends' first**

Chapter 1

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Sweet Spo...
by CelesteABrook