The Cookie Concept...
By theforgottonone
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"I knew I shouldn't have skipped breakfast" Zoe groans sinking further into her seat. Rummaging through my bag I lay out my emergency snacks "I have cheese and biscuits, cornchip nacho flavour or if you're feeling healthy dried apple slice." "No I want something sweet like oreoes or cookie dough." My new friend scoffs at the impossible thought "Who would carry cookie dough around in their-" I reluctantly take out the rolls I was leaving for later "Choc chip or M'n'M?" *** Mackenzie is back and hungrier than ever! After living in London for a year Mackenzie expects to find everything in the same place as she left it. Sadly she is completely and utterly wrong. Zoe now has short hair and a short fuse, Sam somehow got a hundred times hotter and Lee has a duck. With determination, new friends and a bag of Chocolate Chips, Mackenzie sets out on her most difficult conquest yet. Adulthood. As she clumsily maneuvers her way through new obstacles like IKEA, evil little cousins and 'in no way fun' runs she starts to make a new list called 'Choc Chip tips'

1) SURPRISE! Whoops Wrong House

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The Cooki...
by theforgottonone