YOUTH || Liam Dunba...
By -Banana-Bread
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CAN I TRUST YOU? "Are you sure you're okay? I called, like, twice." "Yeah, I guess I was just off in my own little world." ••• Katherine Stilinski was witty enough to rival her brother. She'd grown up with Scott and Stiles walking home from school with her, as well as tagging along on their adventures. Regardless of the age difference, you would never see one without the others. When Scott was first bitten, Katherine had been adamant that she wouldn't be left behind while they dealt with it alone, and did everything she could to help; when dealing with Peter Hale, the Kanima, the Alpha Pack, and the Nogitsune when it had possessed her big brother. But when Scott is left with no choice but to bite the new kid in her grade, Liam Dunbar, she finds herself feeling bad for him and wanting to help. Then he hits her with a chair. And things get personal. [LIAM DUNBAR X OC] [TEEN WOLF] [SEASON 4] [BOOK ONE]


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YOUTH ||...
by -Banana-Bread