The Blackmail Bride
By LadyPeaceAndWar
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His name is Jace Ezekiel Black. And to cut the long story short, my family blackmailed him into marrying me. But I wasn't supposed to be the one to get married yet. It was supposed to be my best friend. And when she disappeared the night of her engagement... apparently, I was the catch-all that had to take full blame. The perpetrator, the mastermind, the accomplice-- choose your pick. In fact, everyone believed my guilt. But my parents, as livid as they were, saw it as an opportunity to cash in big time on the public scandal. To think that they already had a foolproof plan lined up. Furious but without choices, the man had agreed to the marriage... believing I was in on the scheme that my family concocted. Even though I was just another victim. I am Isla Euodia Porter, and this is my story.


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The Black...
by LadyPeaceAndWar