The Last Breeder
By LatrichiaLake
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It's the year 3131 and the Earth has 1 year to say goodbye. Global warming and ozone depletion have taken over, and the sun has set its eyes on destroying Earth with its intense sun rays. A group of NASA's best engineers create a space ship to hold up to 100 male and female babies to breed and return to Earth in 100 years, led by a crew of 50, while a second ship of 10 astronauts will fly around to discover other habitable planets in case returning in 100 years is not an option. But everything goes wrong when the ship carrying the breeders crash in mid-voyage due to space debris. Landing on the planet Corinth was not planned, and the few who made it through the crash will fight for survival. But will it be their own survival or the survival of planet Earth? With only one breeder surviving, will baby #3 accept her fate or will the alien who saved her life, Cori, from planet Corinth change her mind? --- -- Mature for ages 16+: Story has suggestive sex scenes and strong language. -- The Last Breeder by Latrichia Lake Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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The Last...
by LatrichiaLake