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(Heads up) The reader in the first lot of chapters is female, however newer chapters are more exclusive, including Male, Female and Gender Neutral readers too. My newer chapters are way better than the older ones, so please don't judge my writing from the old stuff. Thank you ^^ hey, if you guys haven't seen bendy and borris quest for the ink machine, you should check it out. I really like the series so thats why I decided to make this. I will accept request btw. anyway, enjoy -Edit- Oh god, my old description is so cringey. Well, first couple of chapters are bad since they've probaly got a bunch of spelling mistakes and errors with the fandom. Like the number of Oswald's kids, Boris' and Mickey's names spelt wrong, ect. So yeah, please don't base me off of the first few chapters, I didn't know what I was doing. Enjoy!

borris x wolf reader

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