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By shy_baby2003
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Valentina Sin Martinez aka "Sin" and Ruby Martinez twin sister, best friends with Jamal, Ceaser, and Monse, and the girl who caught Oscar, the leader of the Santo's gang and Ceaser's older brother, attention. ~~~~~~~~~~ Tap Tap Tap I look up from the book I was reading and towards my window. I was confused because the guys were having guy time at Jamal's house and Monse with Olivia. I walked up the window and got the scare of my life. Oscar Diaz was standing there, casually smoking a cigarette. "What are you doing here?" I question him, hiding my small smile. "I missed you, Hermosa." He answered. I opened my window a little bit more, a gesture to come in. He smiled and climbed into my room, I was now very happy that Rudy wasn't here. He walked closer to me while I backed up, every step he took forwards, I took a step back; that was until my back ran into the wall. He loomed over my small 4'10 frame. He gently caressed my cheek with his calloused hands. "What are you doing to me?" He murmured to himself. "What do you mean?" I asked timidly. " Let me show you." He answered, leaning his head down. As he was doing this I leaned in slightly and closed my eyes; our lips touched. I DONT OWN ANY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS FROM ON MY BLOCK!!!


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by shy_baby2003