Broken past
By goldenpegasus101
  • Teen Fiction
  • abandoned
  • abused
  • backstabbing
  • betrayed
  • broken
  • brokenfamily
  • forgotten
  • lied
  • lies
  • loss
  • lost
  • youngadult


Left. Alexis Garcia abandoned by her mother at age three is alone in this big world. The Morris family took her in after six other bad families. Katelyn hates Alexis because now she doesn't get the attention that she used have. She would get Alexis in a lot of trouble. Marcus Morris is tough on Alexis and sometimes he hits her for what Kate tells him. Nicloe Morris is loving and caring, she is like the mother Alexis wishes she had in her life Nicloe is a supportive mother for both Kate and Alexis. One more year of high school and Alexis would leave to go to California to start her dream career of screenwriting. Her most of the people in her school don't like her and only a few befriended her. Dylan and Juliana, two of her closest friends are going with her to California. What would happen when she meets someone she'd never thought would meet.


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Broken pa...
by goldenpegasus101