My Little Pony: Equ...
By ninjarider1
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A My Little Pony[Equestria Girls] + Kamen Rider[Ex-Aid] Crossover Fanfic. Canterlot City, a beautiful scenery and magical city of dreams and friendship. It also has 2 popular buildings: Canterlot High School, also known as Harmony School, a magical school of friendship for teens and Genm Corporation, the biggest gaming company in Canterlot City. When Bugsters, a virus-like monsters based from gaming became their new threat, a new hero/heroes are here to save Canterlot and the world. A gamer, a freelancer, an airsoft shooter/Marine and a dirtbike racer become a doctors to save everyone by using a strange devices and a belt that transforms into the new heroes of Canterlot: "KAMEN RIDER!", to fight against Bugsters and search the value of meaning of teamwork and friendship. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN MLP AND ANYTHING. ALL BELONG TO HASBRO AND OTHERS. I ONLY OWNED OCs.

Game 1 - A New Day in Canterlot City

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My Little...
by ninjarider1