The Possessive Bill...
By pearl_love_27
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Meet Ashley Hayes, the 24 year old girl who was frowned upon by everyone because she was an orphan. The girl who worked two jobs so she could support herself. The girl whose heart constantly gets crushed. The girl who fell insanely in love with a Billionaire. Meet Brandon Hawthorne, the 26 year old millionaire and golden boy that everyone admires. The golden boy. He's assumed to be arrogant and rude. The C.E.O of Hawthorne Technology. When their lives clash at a surprising event that Ashely's best friend, Melanie Lanser, had dragged her too - The unexpected happens. They fall in love. ××× "Ashley let me explain!" He begged. "Get out!" I screamed. "Please-" He began. "Get the hell out!" I yelled gritting my teeth. "You get out! It is my apartment!" He yelled back. "Fine. I'll get out!" I yelled. ××× However, not all that glistens and shimmers is gold. Usually when one assumes things are too good to be true... they are! With many obstacles standing in their way, is their love too strong and real to break? Or will they both go their separate ways? ©️pearl_love_27 Cover by: @READTHEAWSOME


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The Posse...
by pearl_love_27