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By grazer_boi
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💧oh, you and i - in my mind, you were mine, baby💧 - As a kid, you think nothing could ever happen in a small town. But then as you get older, you realize you're wrong. Because small towns surrounded by forests are where the bad guys hide. Where things go unnoticed easily. Derry Maine. A small town, surrounded by forest trees and where the worst people lurk and crime isn't handled. Gangs are not a new thing and drugs are easily found in alley ways and the back of trucks. And for most of the minors residing in the small town, they have their lives planned out for them. - Richie, an artificial bad boy created by his father, the leader of a group of men with a corrupt name. Eddie, a small, asthmatic, pastel boy with a name to keep clean under his parents strict rule. - he can remember the first time he saw the tall, lanky, leather jacket wearing boy. a strawberry candy in one hand and a cigarette hanging from his lip. he was the boy his mother told him to run from, that he was trouble waiting to happen. but eddie knew this before being told, as the Toziers name has been tainted long ago and ruled as the outcasts. he knew, to stay away. - "Baby, this town gave us teenage blue" - ?read first chapter for disclaimers?

💧teenage blue💧

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Teenage B...
by grazer_boi