Remnant's Graceful...
By Comethazel
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Young Lauriam Rose, the son of Summer Rose but not the son of Taiyang Xiao Long. He is the son of a white haired man (no relation to the Schnees). But sadly after young Lauriam was born his father fell to the grimm and passed on. A year later Summer remarried to Tai and she now had a daughter in law named Yang Xiao Long. Not long after that Summer is now carrying another child who both her and Tai named: Ruby Rose. Yang, Ruby, and Lauriam were so close to each other...but all good things come to an end...for Tai, he held a deep resentment for Lauriam because he is not HIS son and he refuses to treat him as his own. Years have passed and Tai has spread his toxic into the family...all except for Ruby...but things change...things do change...after an accident out of fear Ruby put the blame on Lauriam when it was her who did it. Raven and Qrow have arrived and saw that this time Tai has gone too far and decided to take Lauriam away. But Tai had...other an attempt on Raven's life Lauriam takes the blow...profusely bleeding, Lauriam limps outside and collapsed into Raven arms as he started to fade away both figuratively and literally...but before that could happen he gave Raven a message to keep to not just herself but to Qrow as well. Lauriam's last words towards his family: "Just like a rose's petals I will kindly scatter" his body then fades into rose petals and they flow into the wind. This was the end of Lauriam Rose... or was it? Lauriam that day died but was reborn as a new person. This is his story, this is how The Graceful Assassin came to be as everyone will soon know the name of a man who's taken lives and yet be seen a hero as he takes up the new name... ... ... ... Marluxia [Neglected and Abused (Good)Marluxia X RWBY]

Bio: Lauriam

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by Comethazel