Chance Encounter
By EmmaWriting
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Asherah Canaday, a friendly, yet shy, girl is used to being alone. However, this doesn't stop her from dreaming that one day, someone will embrace her for exactly who she is and rid her of her solitude. Her opportunity comes when Asherah is the victim of a crime, and a kind, breathtakingly beautiful woman with flashing green eyes steps in to help. After meeting Chance Connor Linley, Asherah's hopes may finally be met. With the help of a quaint little cafe hidden in an alcove of New York City, Asherah realizes that Chance may be the chance that she has been waiting for her entire life. Made for #WattPride and the #PenYourPride campaign of June 2018. #43 out of 415 stories in #donuts | August 3, 2019 #292 out of 1K stories in #pridemonth | August 20, 2019 Cover made by @pen-in-hand Copyright 2020 by Emma Fitzgerald. All Rights Reserved.

Chance Encounter

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Chance En...
by EmmaWriting