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One shot Smut Warning ⚠️ Hamster Hybrid Tae x Reader Hybrids gaining "equality" was something still new to society. It had only been 20 years since hybrids were given equal rights as humans. However , there was still lots of animosity torwards hybrids , prejudice still lingering in the air. Due to this, hybrids had their own school buildings, school districts unwilling to integrate hybrid children with human children. You were a cat hybrid , fresh out of high school and off to a college . One established solely for hybrids. College life was supposed to amazing right ? Dorms , parties, and drinking ? Being rather outgoing for a cat hybrid you lived for this . If only your dorm mate weren't a hamster . Taehyung was your shy, blunt and just boring escuse of a dorm mate. The two of you having to dorm together due to wrong paper work. You were exact opposites , cats ate hamsters for Christ Sakes ! Taehyung was practically a scratching post for you. However, after a especially hard night of partying , Taehyung shows you hamsters aren't just little balls of fur that you, cat hybrids can just walk all over .

The Chase

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thє chα...
by angstchim